Kentucky Community Conversation on Prison State

KET produced a fascinating, hour-long program following up on the film “Prison State.” Correspondent Renee Shaw went back to Beecher Terrace and talked with local activist Christopher 2X about the community. Shaw also interviewed numerous public officials featured in the documentary: Hasan Davis, former commissioner of the Department of Juvenile Justice in Kentucky; Rep. John Tilley of the KY Legislature; and Louisville Jail Director Mark Bolton. She further reached out to an expanded roster of public officials and advocates across the state: Fayette County prosecutor Ray Larson, who spoke on behalf of the opposition to Kentucky’s 2011 criminal justice reform bill; Kentucky’s Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services Audrey Haynes; Kentucky’s Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet J. Michael Brown; Anthony Smith, director of Metro Louisville Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods Program; and Dr. Sheila Schuster, clinical psychologist and mental health advocate.


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