Christel on WLKY

Christel at home on Beecher Terrace

Seventeen-year-old Christel Tribble shares her thoughts on ‘PRISON STATE’ on WLKY and what it’s like living in one of the most incarcerated neighborhoods in America. She is joined by local activist Christopher 2X.

“I think this documentary is going to help, help it spread worldwide,” says Christel.” Throwing them in jail is not gonna help. They’re gonna have to try helping juveniles instead of incarcerating them.”


2 thoughts on “Christel on WLKY

  1. I won’t forget you, Christel. It broke my heart to see your pain. You are such a bright and beautiful girl – who knows what you could make of your life given half a chance. I hope you find all the help and resources you need to be happy and successful. You are in my thoughts.

  2. I don’t know if you will ever see this, but I am praying for your future. You are such a beautiful young lady. I see a spark of hope in you. I pray God rearranges things in your life and brings you hope and peace. And healing.

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