Web film: A Last Wish

1237BM_DebbieWhitmore_Disney ears
Debbie Whitmore preparing for family trip to Disney in her final weeks of life.

The broadcast of Frontline’s “Being Mortal” documentary was accompanied by an unprecedented rollout of ancillary content for the web and radio based on our team’s reporting, including a web-based film for Frontline’s YouTube channel called “A Last Wish.”

In this 8-minute web film, 46-year-old Debbie Whitmore — who has been living with advanced colon cancer for two and a half years — decides to refocus the short time she has left on what matters to her most: her family. Watch the film online here.

Produced by LAUREN MUCCIOLO | Produced and edited by NELSON RYLAND | Senior Producer FRANK KOUGHAN | Principal Photography BRIAN DOWLEY, TIM GRUZCA, TOM JENNINGS, MRINAL DESAI


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