Production update

We’re taking some time for the next month to work on the edit of “The Beaches” before we shoot more video at the end of the summer. Director of Photography Kalin Ivanov’s camerawork is so beautiful, it’s hard to cut! Lou and Mary are spending their summer in Howard Beach, Qns., and in particular Lou is working on his Turkey photo album. Lou just celebrated his 89th birthday on Bastille Day with a family dinner at London Lennie’s in Woodhaven, where of course Mary and Lou are very close with the owners. Their next trip is likely to Normal, Illinois, where their youngest son and his family live, some time in the fall.

The plan is to apply for grant support in September to get post-production money, and having a rough cut of the film will definitely help. Fingers crossed! If you are interested in making a personal donation to the project, send me an email and we’ll be happy to oblige! — laurenmuc {at} .