RFK Journalism Awards

‘Poor Kids’, directed by Jezza Neumann and produced by Lauren Mucciolo, has won the 2013 RFK Journalism Award! This is the first time in several years since a PBS Frontline film has received this distinguished honor.

The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards honor those who report on issues that reflect Robert F. Kennedy’s concerns including human rights, social justice and the power of individual action in the United States and around the world. Entries include insights into the causes, conditions and remedies of injustice and critical analysis of relevant public policies, programs, attitudes and private endeavors.

Established in December of 1968 by a group of reporters covering Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign, the awards program has far exceeded the expectations of its founders. Led by a committee of six independent journalists, the Awards are judged by more than fifty journalists each year. It has become the largest program of its kind and one of few in which the winners are determined solely by their peers.

The awards ceremony will be held in late September in Washington, DC. Congratulations also to the brave children who shared their stories — Brittany, Roger, Tyler, Kaylie, Sera, Johnny, Jasmine, Jaylan and Joshua.


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