Huffington Post reviews PRISON STATE

The Huffington Post wrote an insightful piece about ‘PRISON STATE’ and its portrayal of one neighborhood in America where almost everyone cycles in and out of jail and prison, including the children. Director Dan Edge explains:

“What sort of struck us as we were making this film is that all this money is essentially being invested in a neighborhood, and what do we have to show for it?” Edge said. “We have a lot of people in prison and a neighborhood that isn’t safe. That’s what drew us into this film: whether it’s a defensible way of spending tax dollars…. If you incarcerate people to the extent that you have in Beecher Terrace, where you have no family that isn’t touched by prison or jail in some way, it actually breaks up the social fabric of these communities,” he added. “Kids misbehave more and get sucked into crime more. Prison becomes the problem rather than the solution.”


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