Poor Kids & other updates

Romeo Galante’s Lauren Mucciolo is now working as a producer on a television documentary commissioned by BBC 2’s This World and PBS/WGBH’s Frontline for the leading, London-based True Vision Productions! Tentatively titled Poor Kids USA, the hour-long current affairs program will look at poverty in America today through the perspectives of three children growing up on the bottom rung of society’s ladder. It will follow their experiences and their perceptions of life over several months of filming. Directed by BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jezza Neumann, the film will highlight the effects of the current economic downturn on families who previously enjoyed middle class life but are now facing hunger, homelessness and other serious struggles for the first time.

In news from the RG catalogue, the Brooklyn Arts Council recently awarded a Community Arts Fund grant towards production of The Beaches. The New Children/New York website just got a makeover. And El Regreso de Lencho will have its theatrical premiere in Guatemala City at la MUCA on February 23rd.