An ongoing collaboration with London’s True Vision

The Poor Kids USA documentary is finally wrapping up principle photography, coming on the heels of major accolades for director Jezza Neumann. His latest film Kashmir’s Torture Trail premiered earlier this month on Channel 4 in the UK to much fanfare, and Broadcast magazine named him one of the Top 10 directors in the UK! In the next 1-2 months we’ll know more about air dates for Poor Kids USA on BBC2 in Britain and PBS Frontline in the U.S. It’s looking like it will be a really strong and moving film.

With editing for Poor Kids USA now in motion, Producer Lauren Mucciolo is able to get her hands on new projects. This past week she supported some U.S.-based production for another True Vision documentary commissioned by Channel 4, which will likely air in November and potentially find international distribution thereafter. Stay tuned for more details.


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